Finance & Strategy

LGG Advisors provides high added-value team augmentation services to assist with all ongoing and recurring Finance & Strategy tasks, helping our clients expand their capacity on a flexible basis and at a competitive cost

We grant access to a wide pool of talent composed by highly qualified professionals, all of which with exceptional professional and educational backgrounds

Our comprehensive service offering covers clients in all industries and geographies, performing higher complexity tasks and providing full scope end-to-end support


  • M&A

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital

  • Strategic Consulting

  • Capital Markets

  • Corporate Strategy



  • Investment Banking and Advisory

  • PE, VC and other Investment Funds

  • Asset & Wealth Management

  • Investment Research

  • Corporates and Consulting


“Because external staff augmentation resources are directed by the enterprise, and generally work on activities alongside client resources within a project, the level of productivity of the external workers will follow the level of productivity that exists within the client organization”
— Kate Weiland, Vice President of Human Capital Management at Concurrency